These are some of our recent publications:


  • Hodson, Jaigris and Lindgren, April. (2017). The 2015 Canadian election and locally relevant news on Twitter. In proceedings from 2017 International Conference on Social Media & Society.
  • Lindgren, April, Corbett, Jon and Hodson, Jaigris. (2017, Jan. 23). Canada’s local news “poverty.” Policy Options. Available at




  • Lindgren, April. (2014). Demonized weed. Literary Review of Canada, 22(6), 20-21.


  • Lindgren, April. (2013). The Diverse City: Can you read all about it in ethnic newspapers?
    Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice, 5(2), 120-140.


  • Lindgren, April and Wong, Christina. (2012). Want to understand local news? Make a map. Published in the proceedings from the 2012 annual conference of the Canadian Communication Association, held in Waterloo, Ont. Available from
  • Lindgren, April. (2011-2012). Missing and misrepresented: Portrayals of other ethnic and racialized groups in a Greater Toronto Area ethnocultural newspaper. Canadian Ethnic Studies, 43-44(3-1), 99-121.


  • Komaromy, Andrew. (2011). Spatial Analysis Methods for Describing and Comparing the Geographic Distribution of Local News. Major Research Paper, Master of Spatial Analysis, Department of Geography, Ryerson University.


  • Lindgren, April. (June 15, 2010). Report: Covering disadvantaged neighbourhoods. J-Source: The Canadian Journalism Project. Available from
  • Lindgren, April. (May 28, 2010). “Why negative news dominates in reports about Toronto’s disadvantaged neighbourhoods.”


  • Lindgren, April. (2009). Mapping local news: A research methodology. Paper presented to the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Presented to the AEJMC annual conference, Boston. Available from

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