The role of philanthropy in the world of journalism

“Philanthropic Support for Journalism: A Canadian Roadmap” is a project of the Local News Research Project (LNRP) that investigates the potential for Canadian foundations and other sources of charitable giving to shore up journalism. In this podcast, the challenges and opportunities associated with philanthropy as a revenue source for news organizations are discussed by April Lindgren, the LNRP’s principal investigator, LuAnn Lovlin from the Winnipeg Foundation, and Emma Gilchrist, editor-in-chief of The Narwhal, a non-profit digital publication that covers environmental issues. “Philanthropic Support for Journalism: A Canadian Roadmap” is funded by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council partnership grant awarded to the Université du Québec à Montréal for a larger project that explores the role of philanthropy in Canadian society.