The COVID-19 Media Impact Map for Canada tracks the impact of COVID-19 on the media industry dating back to March 11, 2020, when the WHO declared a global pandemic. Map markers indicate the type of news organization affected (daily newspapers, community newspapers, magazines, television and radio broadcasters, and online news sites). The colour of these markers shows the type of impact on media outlets. Where there is more than one impact, markers display the colour representing the media impact according to this order: closed/temporarily closed, cancelled some/all print editions, cut back news broadcasts/shows, reduced coverage (other), layoffs/job losses, and pay cuts/reduced hours. A summary of the latest map data is available here.

Map of Toronto

Explore the geography of local news reporting in Toronto and the subject matter of that coverage using interactive maps created by The Local News Research Project. Map users can examine how often their neighbourhood or ward appears in the news and look at a bar graph that breaks down stories by topics such as police/crime, transit and education. More generally, you can examine how the geographic patterns of news coverage vary by topic: The map showing the places mentioned in local arts and entertainment stories and photos, for instance, looks different from the map of crime coverage. Click here or on the adjacent map to explore how the Toronto Star and the online news site covered local news in Toronto.